#SolarFreakinRoadways and the Backyard of the Future

We’re big fans of Solar here and we’re excited about upcoming clean energy technologies that bring the future sooner than you think. Solar Roadways is one such project.

Imagine paving your backyard with solar panels that can soak up power from the sun, store it, or have your whole lot light up to suit any festive mood you’re in with built in programmable LED lights. A pilot test is already underway to power up a small parking lot. The company behind this new solar panel wonder released a viral video that explains how this could virtually change the world as we see it now. It could solve a whole host of problems in one fell swoop. Its dependable renewable energy that can generate more long term jobs to stabilize the economy.

The founders of Solar Roadways hope to install their panels on major thoroughfares in the US. It’s estimated that it can generate 3x the power produced in the US today. The panels can be programmed to soak and store power, then control floor temperatures when it’s snowy outside. These new kind of roadways won’t need any shoveling at all. They can also be programmed to simulate different design layouts for sports: basketball, tennis – or even party lights for special affairs. They’re made from hard material that can be as tough as asphalt cement, and can withstand all types of heavy impact typical roads can take. We like the piston driving through the test site. Pretty impressive.

Aside from receiving a substantial government grant, the new solar project is turning to crowdfunding to spur development further. It’s so far exceeded its target by a million dollars! Amazing. It’s only a matter of time before we see it on major roads everywhere. This can give an unprecedented boost to the economy, creating a major impact on many industries – powering even hopes for more electric cars in the future. That’s an effective solution for the current gas crisis right there. As an added bonus, we get cleaner air too!

Solar might be cost prohibitive to be develop, but in the long term it eventually pays for itself. It offers renewable energy that we can rely on for a long time. This not only saves on power bills but saves jobs as well. Hope you’ll consider more alternative energy options for your home.

We look forward to living in these brighter cities of the future.