White Kaolin Energizing Clay Powder

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How To Detox and Remove Negative Energy From Your Body and Mind!

Give Your Body and Mind a Boost With This 100% Natural Kaolin Clay.

Energizing powder is a sound-infused natural clay that raises the vibrational level of the body creating clarity, heightened sense of well-being as well as clearing negative energy from and allowing the body to function at a higher vibratory level.

Need An Energy Boost?
If you’re looking for just an energy boost, this product is our finest in that department. 5D Products are our most advanced Clay products that has been designed to help with the planetary rise or change in frequency.

New 5D Technology With Imprinted Frequencies
5D Products are our most advanced Clay products that has been designed to help with the planetary rise or change in frequency. Our new Sound-infused 5D technology is designed to deliver new imprinted beneficial frequencies.

This is a Natural Clay Product
Registered spiritual sacrament of the Nemhenhah NAC

Package Includes:
– 5D Energizing Powder (5 Ounce)

Intrasound Products Energized Powder and 5D Powders are a sacred Native American Clay Product, consisting of 100% USP Kaolin Clay. This natural clay is found naturally all over the world. These products are infused with the natural vibratory signal that exists in part of what we call the “Source Field of Energy” and that is naturally resonated in the air. This was a lost ancient technology that was used by Native Americans as well as many other cultures around the world. After a lengthy process of exposure to this field, the clay has a natural ability to harness this energy and hold it indefinitely.

When taken orally, it initiates a multi-stage effect throughout the entire body. Its intense activity eliminates and destroys unhealthy cells and activates the rebuilding of healthy ones. It acts as a cleansing agent eliminating all noxious substances. While this double direct action takes place, everything unhealthy and emitting negative (NRG) energy is irresistibly attracted to our clay and becomes subject to immediate elimination while the good 5D Energy is delivered to the body at the same time.

The Natural cosmic vibrational exposure of this clay will also help balance and enhance the body’s own natural energy and seems to have the same wonderful effects as deep breathing exercises and that meditation delivers. In recent years experts have reported regarding clinical application of cosmic energy in summary produces improved circulation, enhanced sleep regulation, increased cell activity, enhanced metabolism, strengthened immune system and improved wound healing. Also it has been noted to enhance the natural healing capability and immunity of the body without any side effect or drugs.

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Warranty Description – The ONLY Kaolin Powder With a Lifetime No-Hassle Replacement Guarantee!


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