How to Throw the Greatest Outdoor Party Ever


Who needs a reason to throw parties? It doesn’t matter if it’s your cat’s birthday or your favorite team won, as long as there’s fine weather, any excuse is good enough to gather friends around. After all, they’ll be happy to help with the planning and prepping too. Here are some of the simplest ways to have the best time planning a party without stressing yourself out.

Set the Stage
Nothing says “party time” than colorful banners hung overhead. Cut out flag design templates, and string them together over your backyard with some string lights. Add some fresh cut flowers as table centerpieces, plus some colorful accents: pillows, linens and drapes. Voila! Party décor done.

Do Hands-free Hosting
Give yourself and your guests time to relax and mingle with a buffet style setup. Food and flatware should be lined up in this order for easier access: – plates – side dishes – bread – meat – fix-ins – flatware Make sure perishables are replaced within the hour. You can also opt for some simple appetizers and early cocktails before dinner. Serving hot food inside and dining outside will you a chance to keep food warm on your stove top inside.

Separate beverage stations stocked with cocktail supplies will encourage visitors to feel more at home as they pour out their own drinks. (You can also include small flag post-its where guests can name their glasses.)

Ambiance Central
Create some “gathering” places where people can sit together to enjoy their cocktails while catching up. An outdoor seating area with romantic lanterns overhead can be a good place to entice visitors to talk. You can also wrap some fairy lights around your posts or trees to make the party come alive as the sun goes down.

Be extra thoughtful: Let your guests enjoy an amenities station where they can use some bug lotion, hand sanitizers (for sticky hands) or a light blanket when it gets chilly out.

Wind it down with Style
Do a nightcap by offering some hot chocolate with marshmallows. Hook up a projector and get a favorite movie started. As a final touch, why not have your guests go over a favors table as they leave? Offer them some sweets or a small token so that they’ll have something to remember you by.

Finding time to celebrate is a way to energize for the daily grind. We hope you have fun planning your party and making new memories with your family and friends.