Exterior Lighting: Does Your Landscaping Need More Drama?

Lighting is such a common part of everyday life that we don’t appreciate the subtle beauty that it brings most of the time. Poor lighting can actually make a home look lifeless and dull while good illumination enlarges any space, and makes it more inviting. Up and coming designer Brian Patrick Flynn’s hilarious take on exterior lighting is a noteworthy piece on the subject at houzz.com

Traditional and modern outdoor light fixtures not only illuminate your outdoor space but add aesthetic appeal to enhance your home’s architecture.
Some of the new wave of exterior lighting fixtures feature traditionally designed heavy wrought iron outdoor decor, like pendants, chandeliers and candelabras right out of an 18th century Jane Austen novel. If you’ve got cash to spare, these old fashioned light fixtures can make your outdoor space evoke the romantic feel of a bygone age.

Think traditional 1800’s lamp posts and candelabras – way before electricity was first invented.  Drama indeed. (Source)

Think traditional 1800’s lamp posts and candelabras – way before electricity was first invented.
Drama indeed.

Flynn provides additional tips like installing “bobeches” or candle wax drip catchers for candelabras and cleaning these iron fixtures with an extender rod and squeegee to get rid of dust and bugs.

If you’re looking for a more contemporary feel, there are a variety of solar outdoor lighting products with designs to suit any eclectic taste.

There are many modern solar table lamps, stand alone or path way lights with sleek compact lines. They shine a bright white light, so be ready to house them with tinted covers to make them give off a softer glow. We also like some ornamental garden décor like solar outdoor fountains, glass mosaics, and even cherubs to match your beautiful garden. There’s virtually one for every outdoor area you can think of, even hard to reach fence posts.

These modern solar lights employ sensors plus manual switches that automatically turn on lights at dusk. There are actually new models of today’s solar lights that can collect more solar with rechargeable batteries that charge better than their older counterparts, making them last longer. Just remember that you’ll need to charge them in full sunlight all day long to get maximum results. (They won’t work their best on cloudy days.)

There’s really nothing you can’t do with good lighting. It highlights your home’s best features, making it a haven for your family and guests alike. There are plenty of design inspirations you can check out at design blogs like ours to get you started. Pick out what interests you and see where it goes.