Easy String Lighting Ideas You Can Use by Tonight

Forget the holidays, string lights can offer a festive mood all year long. Solar string lights are especially good for outdoor decorating because they won’t need any outlets. If you’re bored with white lights you can decorate your string lights in different ways or use unique layouts for outdoor lighting. You won’t even have to wait for another party to prep your deck. You can just hang them outside for more romantic nights out at home. We’ve compiled some of the easiest ways to set your solar string lights to suit whatever occasion or mood you’re in.

Install Them in an Open Space

Place 8 foot metal poles with hooks on top, around your outdoor space. Be sure to use plastic hooks instead of metal ones since they tend to ruin string wiring. You can decorate your space with different layouts – surround your outdoor area or use one focal point and have them spread towards a wall. You can also opt for a carnival top effect and place a pole in the center of your space and have all your strings spread in a circle like a makeshift roof. Another option is to hang your solar lights in parallel lines or laid out in a checkered style.

Decorate Them with Interesting Covers


Photo by: Lucas Zarebenski (source)

This one is one that kids can enjoy. Use colorful cupcake covers and punch them in each bulb. Make sure you know how many LED bulbs you have before you buy your cupcake covers. Another colorful design idea are origami boxes. They offer a more exotic lighting mood to any celebration. We also recommend making luminaries from colorful paper bags with strings hanging from each one. Nothing says “fiesta” than a string of outdoor paper décor.

Use String Lights as Solar Powered Table Pieces

 Betterhomesandgardens.com suggests rolling them up in balls and placing them inside glass cloches – a definite conversation starter at any party. Cloches are like little glass bell jars that protect plants from harsh weather.

Have Your Own Elegant Chandelier DIY style

You can opt for a grapevine wreath, hung with metal wires and wrapped with white string lights. Another base you can use is a simple hula hoop. Just decorate it with something special that can look good with your string lights. The chandelier is great when placed above your outdoor dining area.

A couple of things to remember: string lights can last only up to three months with proper use. Keep them away from cold or rainy weather. Solar string lights will require that batteries be changed every two years and will need a full charge to have them last long. Be sure to check for frayed wires before you get them out from storage. That’s it and we hope you have fun decorating your space.