Doing Outdoor Accessories Right

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Who doesn’t like to be comfortable when you’re in an outdoor space? It’s the whole point of relaxing outside. You’ll need some pillows for an afternoon read, a warm and cozy fire for chilly nights out plus some mood lighting for ambiance… Sitting on hard benches with a plain umbrella just doesn’t seem right, especially when you’re enjoying a spectacular sunset or a beautiful starry night sky. We’ve listed the most popular “essentials” here so you don’t have to rough it out too much in the great outdoors.

Colorful Accents like Pillows/Cushions

Take indoor comfort outside with a favorite pillow. If you’re averse to day beds or sofas, at least take a comfortable nap with something plush. Those with weatherproof covers like vinyl coated oil cloth are highly recommended for easy cleanup. Deck or porch accessories will call for similar palettes that you use for indoor furnishings. Save more colorful accents for your garden seating.

Soft Lights

Outdoor lighting is a must to make the most of your evenings in the back yard. Most designers like Chinese lanterns and fairy string lights because they’re versatile décor that you can customize with different layouts and covers. Hang them around your outdoor dining area or over an enclosed seating section and you’re all set for more intimate conversations – whether it’s a Tete-a-tete with your best friend or with a group of friends at an outdoor party at home.

Fire Pit

When warm blankets can’t do the job, a small fire pit is a nice place to gather round with your friends. An old grill can get a nice crackling fire going on those cold windy nights. Bug Repellants Well this one isn’t actually an accessory – it’s a downright necessity. Enjoying a bug free night out is certainly more romantic than one spent swatting them away. Citronella candles are not enough, apparently. says those with allethrin, methofluthrin and geraniol ingredients are more effective. If you’re a camping buff, even an old bug lamp can do.

Outdoor accessories can actually evolve over time, depending on your family’s growing needs. You can have permanent ones like outdoor lighting, garden benches and outdoor umbrellas mixed with seasonal accents like pillows, figurines, firepits and table centerpieces. Mix and match them and add personal mementos for a more lived in feel. As John Howard Payne would say, “Mid pleasures and palaces though we may roam; Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like home…”