Creating Outdoor Living Spaces: Are they Worth It?

outdoor living

Back then we just had a backyard for tossing a ball around or just for finding a spot where you could quietly sip lemonade while reading your favorite book. Right now it’s become such a big movement that you can do almost anything outside: eating, sleeping, and cooking – you name it, and somebody can design and install it for you. Having a beautiful outdoor space not only raises your property values but it’s also an investment that family generations can enjoy for years to come.

If you’re a little bit intimidated with building your own outdoor living space, just remember that it doesn’t matter if you have a big budget or not. All it takes is a bit of ingenuity and you can have your own relaxing place to enjoy the great outdoors. So let’s get to work:

What would you like to do with your space?
You can choose between having your own serenity garden, a cozy outdoor living room and a grilling/dining area for parties. Depending on the location, you’ll have to consider the size of the space plus the elements to accommodate the function you have in mind.

What furnishings will go with it?
Here’s where a dose of good old fashioned sense comes in… An outdoor umbrella will be useless in shady areas and decorative candles won’t do so well in direct sunlight. If you’re making over a patio or a deck, you can add similar elements from your indoor décor. You can also repurpose indoor décor like trunks as rustic tables for outdoor use.

If you would like to decorate a garden dining area, invest in some weatherproof sets that won’t need that much upkeep. Wicker and metal are popular choices. Accents like brightly colored and printed accessories can also add some personality to your outdoor space.

Next are lighting requirements. You’ll need to brighten areas for ambiance as well as for added security. Solar products like Chinese lanterns and string lights are great for party décor and they can also be just simple backdrop for quiet evenings at home. Garages and doorways will need a bit more intense lighting for better illumination.

How will you block it off?
Blocking a section of your yard will mean creating borders around your cozy spot. You can center furniture on a focal point like an outdoor umbrella or an interesting table centerpiece. Plants can also act like “walls”. You can use them to revert unattractive views and distracting noise. Placing a colorful rug can also block off the intended space.

How much upkeep are you willing to live with?
Having a beautiful space outdoors will call for a yearlong battle with the elements. So be ready with some weatherproof furniture you can count on. Then there’s pruning and mowing plus a bit of repainting from time to time. Lights will have to be checked and cleaned and stored from season to season. Solar lights are good for up to two years, or until the lights begin to look dim. String lights have a three month shelf life outside, and they’ll have to be taken down or checked for frayed wires.

Outdoor living may need some weekend work but the rewards are priceless. Just imagine enjoying the fruits of your labor: relaxing in your own special garden or having a good time having dinner parties under the stars with your friends. Have fun exercising your creative muscle and see what you can do.