Doing Outdoor Accessories Right

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Who doesn’t like to be comfortable when you’re in an outdoor space? It’s the whole point of relaxing outside. You’ll need some pillows for an afternoon read, a warm and cozy fire for chilly nights out plus some mood lighting for ambiance… Sitting on hard benches with a plain umbrella just doesn’t seem right, especially when you’re enjoying a spectacular sunset or a beautiful starry night sky. We’ve listed the most popular “essentials” here so you don’t have to rough it out too much in the great outdoors. Read more

How to Throw the Greatest Outdoor Party Ever


Who needs a reason to throw parties? It doesn’t matter if it’s your cat’s birthday or your favorite team won, as long as there’s fine weather, any excuse is good enough to gather friends around. After all, they’ll be happy to help with the planning and prepping too. Here are some of the simplest ways to have the best time planning a party without stressing yourself out. Read more

Creating Outdoor Living Spaces: Are they Worth It?

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Back then we just had a backyard for tossing a ball around or just for finding a spot where you could quietly sip lemonade while reading your favorite book. Right now it’s become such a big movement that Read more

Easy String Lighting Ideas You Can Use by Tonight

Forget the holidays, string lights can offer a festive mood all year long. Solar string lights are especially good for outdoor decorating because they won’t need any outlets. If you’re bored with white lights you can decorate your string lights in different ways or use unique layouts for outdoor lighting. Read more