Exterior Lighting: Does Your Landscaping Need More Drama?

Lighting is such a common part of everyday life that we don’t appreciate the subtle beauty that it brings most of the time. Poor lighting can actually make a home look lifeless and dull while good illumination enlarges any space, and makes it more inviting. Up and coming designer Brian Patrick Flynn’s hilarious take on exterior lighting is a noteworthy piece on the subject at houzz.com Read more

Creating Outdoor Living Spaces: Are they Worth It?

outdoor living

Back then we just had a backyard for tossing a ball around or just for finding a spot where you could quietly sip lemonade while reading your favorite book. Right now it’s become such a big movement that Read more

Easy String Lighting Ideas You Can Use by Tonight

Forget the holidays, string lights can offer a festive mood all year long. Solar string lights are especially good for outdoor decorating because they won’t need any outlets. If you’re bored with white lights you can decorate your string lights in different ways or use unique layouts for outdoor lighting. Read more