Doing Outdoor Accessories Right

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Who doesn’t like to be comfortable when you’re in an outdoor space? It’s the whole point of relaxing outside. You’ll need some pillows for an afternoon read, a warm and cozy fire for chilly nights out plus some mood lighting for ambiance… Sitting on hard benches with a plain umbrella just doesn’t seem right, especially when you’re enjoying a spectacular sunset or a beautiful starry night sky. We’ve listed the most popular “essentials” here so you don’t have to rough it out too much in the great outdoors. Read more

Chinese Lanterns: Fun Facts About This Unique Lighting Decor

Ever notice Chinese lanterns at an evening party? They bring a certain amount of eclectic elegance to any event whether it’s a casual dinner with your friends or a full blown wedding party entourage.  Did you know that they’re steeped in history? Read more