#SolarFreakinRoadways and the Backyard of the Future

We’re big fans of Solar here and we’re excited about upcoming clean energy technologies that bring the future sooner than you think. Solar Roadways is one such project. Read more

Easy String Lighting Ideas You Can Use by Tonight

Forget the holidays, string lights can offer a festive mood all year long. Solar string lights are especially good for outdoor decorating because they won’t need any outlets. If you’re bored with white lights you can decorate your string lights in different ways or use unique layouts for outdoor lighting. Read more

Chinese Lanterns: Fun Facts About This Unique Lighting Decor

Ever notice Chinese lanterns at an evening party? They bring a certain amount of eclectic elegance to any event whether it’s a casual dinner with your friends or a full blown wedding party entourage.  Did you know that they’re steeped in history? Read more