christmas ordering

Ordering in time for Christmas

Ensure you get your order in time for Christmas.

Holiday Ordering and Return Deadlines for the U.S.

When shipping to addresses in the U.S., order your gifts on Amazon by the dates on this page to ensure they arrive by December 24, 2015. If you need to return an item, it may fall under our extended returns policy for the holidays.

Holiday Ordering and Return Deadlines for the U.K.

Make sure you check our Last Order Dates on Amazon UK according to the delivery option required for your destination address.


Last Order Dates

These dates are meant as guidelines and are not guaranteed unless stated. Please be aware that external factors beyond our control (such as strikes, adverse weather conditions affecting parts of our fulfilment network etc.) may delay your orders. Please note that our last order dates are based on normal conditions so in exceptional conditions it might happen that your order arrives after Christmas despite you ordering before the date provided.

Please note that the last order dates given do not apply to items sold by third-party sellers unless they’re Fulfilled by Amazon.

Make sure you take into account the availability of your items when you place your order. If you’re ordering multiple items to be dispatched together, the availability of each item will influence the delivery date of the other items in your order, as we’ll wait for all items to be available before we dispatch it. For detailed information please read our About Availability Help page.





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